IP Protection Law Group can assist clients with all facets of patent protection and monetization, from initial patent prosecution, through licensing, litigation, post grant review and, if necessary, appeals. IP Protection Law Group is particularly adept at monetization programs that integrate licensing, continued patent prosecution, and litigation. The ability to write new claims in continuation applications while licensing the portfolio increases the value of the portfolio, addresses defenses raised by infringers, and makes clear to infringers that a license is necessary to address the increasing risk of infringement. Similarly, filing lawsuits may be necessary to convince infringers that accepting a license is a better alternative than litigation.

Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets and Other IP

The goal of Intellectual Property is to support business activity and obtain fair compensation for use of ideas and other “property of the mind.” Many people do not understand the differences among different types of intellectual property (IP) and the advantages and costs of each form of protection. IP Protection Law Group does! The Firm is well suited to enforce the various forms of IP, including trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets.