About Us

IP Protection Law Group, LLC is a law firm dedicated to protecting our clients’ patents and other intellectual property. Our experience spans the IP life cycle, from obtaining and protecting intellectual property, to commercializating it via sales or licensing, and defending it through lawsuits. 

Where appropriate, we represent clients for contingent (success) fees. We believe that a client’s limited resources is not an open invitation for others to infringe or steal their patents. In short, we formed IPPLG to protect the patents (or other IP) of our clients through the most efficient and appropriate means.

IP Protection Law Group offers one of the most experienced and successful groups in the field of patent/IP enforcement and protection.

Who we are

Many of the firm’s lawyers are registered as patent attorneys and are licensed to represent clients before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and firm personnel also have extensive experience with post-grant reviews in the PTO defending patents.

IPPLG members have decades of experience in patent licensing and enforcement litigation. Firm members are admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, among others, and we actively litigate in district courts around the country and handle appeals.

IPPLG combines the extensive experience and expertise of three firms: Steven G. Lisa, Ltd.; Louis J. Hoffman, P.C.; and Victoria Gruver Curtin, PLC. Our founders, Mr. Lisa, Mr. Hoffman, and Ms. Curtin, practiced together for many years in the 1990s and early 2000s, and on select matters since, and the three firms have re-joined under one roof to make it easier to represent clients together.

Our Experience

The founders have participated in many of the country’s largest and most successful IP licensing and enforcement programs, including the Lemelson Medical, Education and Research Foundation in patent-prosecution and a billion-dollar licensing and litigation program for the remarkable patent portfolio of the late Jerome Lemelson, among other projects.

Since then, various of the member firms have successfully represented many other clients in major IP licensing and litigation programs, including Helferich Patent Licensing, LLC, the Washington Research Foundation, DDR Holdings, LLC, LPL Licensing, LLC, and the AlmondNet Group, as well as numerous clients in patent-prosecution and sales transactions.

Our Values

  • We are tenacious and dedicated – we work hard for our clients and don’t easily give up.
  • We fight for strong protection for intellectual property.
  • We present our clients’ positions with the utmost integrity.
  • We take pride in work of the highest quality.

Contingent-Fee Representation

For enforcement or litigation matters only, IP Protection Law Group often represents clients on a contingent-fee basis; that is, rather than charging an hourly rate for services, the firm is paid from recoveries (license fees or damages in a lawsuit). We do not offer contingent representation for standard patent drafting and prosecution, and enforcement. We carefully screen litigation matters handled on a contingent fee basis.

Hiring a contingency patent law firm directly advantages you, because our firm’s interests are in line with yours -- the client. Both the firm and the client want an efficient, cost effective and successful determination of the merits of the enforcement claims.

For those matters that we approve for contingency, we charge a fair fee, thoughtfully structured, to allow us to provide quality services. If you need litigation financing to cover the costs associated with a licensing program, such as paying experts, we can help you find it.  We can alternatively work for hourly rates on patent-litigation matters, including defense of patent assertions. Please inquire if such arrangements are of interest.